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Deborah Terley Real Estate Agent
Deborah Terley

Our neighbours recommended Position Realty as they had successfully sold for them just a few weeks earlier at an extremely strong price. My partner and I were very impressed with Deborah and immediately felt comfortable. We have a marketing background so marketing was especially important to us. We were toying with the idea of selling as we were really very happy in our home but had occasionally thought to move into a larger place. Once the documents were signed we were excited at the idea of moving on. Marketing and advertising commenced. We were informed about all prospective purchasers and given feedback after each inspection. The sales process was handled effortlessly and professionally. In what seemed to be just a week or so into the campaign we accepted an offer before auction. This worked tremendously well for us as we had just found a new home to move into and could line the settlements up to be simultaneously done. We were delighted. A great result in very little time, handled professionally. Thank you!!

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J Donohoe & S Alderman

Deborah Terley Real Estate Agent
Deborah Terley

Deborah was great to deal with from the buy side, provided quick and accurate responses and was able to close our deal in a short time period. We would highly recommend

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Richard Massey


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