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Deborah Terley Real Estate Agent
Deborah Terley

Your service was more than I expected in terms of your positive energy and strong persistence. I believe that I was lucky to meet you through the selling experience. Thanks.

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Shinae Song

Robert Terley Real Estate Agent
Robert Terley

The dust of battle has settled and the proceeds have been received. Ann and I thought it appropriate to write to acknowledge our appreciation for your efforts in our behalf. Apart from working in the real estate industry or lending to it all my working life, I have in my 75 years been involved on either side in a number of personal real estate transactions. Even so, our decision to retain your firm was taken with a lot of trepidation and no little advice from others to go with a 'major' firm. The fact that our decision was the right one is now history. From the outset, you impressed with a level of personal effort that simply would not have been forthcoming with a big agency. Your efforts to photograph the unit whilst still occupied by a tenant involved a lot of personal exertion but gained a few valuable weeks for the programme. Your marketing and advertising policies, apart from being successful, were very cost effective, which we appreciated. We thought that you went to unusual efforts to properly understand the complicated issues surrounding the Body Corporate and repairs to the building: efforts that paid off in your ability to confidently discuss the issues with potential buyers. Above all, your obvious pleasure in the chase and your management of prospects (and the vendor) was a pleasure to watch. The fact that less than a month passed between first advertising and a signed contract speaks for itself. Needless to say, we would certainly seek your services again.

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Ian Duncan


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