15 Household Items We Forget To Clean

The team at domain.com.au have posted a friendly reminder to all of us about items commonly overlooked in our cleaning routine and how to best achieve that sparkling clean status!


  1. Toothbrush holders – apparently the third most germ infected place in the home!
  2. Hairbrush – scrub and clean with a toothbrush and shampoo then air dry to get rid of grease and dust particles
  3. Light switches – spray disinfectant on paper towel, then wipe surface
  4. Around your fridge – flexible microfibre dusters are best to tackle those tricky corners
  5. Reusable jars – clean between re-fills
  6. Remote controls and game controllers – remove batteries then clean with a cotton cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol
  7. Dish drying rack – disassemble and clean to avoid mould and mildew
  8. Fridge drawers – remove and clean with hot water and detergent
  9. Can openers – throw it into the dishwasher to avoid bacteria build-up
  10. Reusable grocery bags – launder at least once a week
  11. Rubbish bin – easiest if you can hose it down, pat dry and then spray, spray, spray with disinfectant, wipe down and leave to dry
  12. Sink – scrub with bicarb soda then line with white vinegar soaked paper towels, leave for 20 mins then wash away with soapy water for a shiny new sink!
  13. Doorknobs and handles – wipe down with disinfectant to help combat spread of germs
  14. Couch cushions – separate covers and cushions then wash on delicate cycle (check the tag first)
  15. Sponge and rags – soak in nine parts water to one part bleach, rinse then good to go!


For more indepth details, visit domain.com.au here!

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